Pet Grooming Harlem, NY

Harlem NY Poodle GroomingPoodles are fun because they are so versatile. A poodle style is limited only by the imagination.

We offer traditional poodle cuts, retro cuts, and custom variations on standard cuts, giving a chic twist to the classics. There are lots of styles to explore:

Lamb Cut — has a fuller leg

Puppy Cut — one length all over, with the legs matching the body length

“Poodlington” Bedlington Trim — with tasseled ears

Miami — featuring bracelets on the legs

German Trim — with a shaved ear and a smooth tail without a pompom

Retro — Town & Country and Dutch Clip: these cuts sport fun variations on jacket placement, such as a band down the back or around the barrel

Teddy Bear Clip — with longer-length face and feet, this adorable cut resembles a furry teddy

There are so many ways to treat your own dog to a fantastic style. We’d love to talk with you to hear your ideas and offer some of our own.

Poodles are our specialty!