Pet Grooming Harlem, NY

Our Cat Grooming Services

Our cat grooming services begin with meeting your cat and learning about your preferences. Each service is based on training in feline grooming and care. Pick from one of our popular packages below, or call us about your unique needs.

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The Cool Cat — Long Hair Full Coat Groom

Includes bath, blow-dry, nails, ears, face trim.




The Kitten Pretty — Short Hair Full Coat Groom

Includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim.




Lion Cut

This trim is shaved to the skin on the body of the cat. Hair is left around the head/ruff, end of the tail (pom pom), and the feet/boots.




Comb Cut

This trim leaves approximately 1/2″ to 1″ of hair on the cat’s body.




Add-On Services

Soft Paws Application

These small vinyl nail caps are great for preventing scratching of furniture, floors and people. They last approximately 4 to 6 weeks and come in a variety of colors.

$16.00 front feet, $10.00 back feet, or $25.00 for all feet

Sanitary Trim/Belly Shave

We extend the sanitary trim and shave up the belly to help prevent matting and excessive shedding.

$10.00 in addition to Full Groom

Flea Bath

$10.00 in addition to Full Groom

Toe Tuft Trim

This service includes trimming the hair that grows between the cat’s paw pads and rounding the feet.

$10.00 in addition to Full Groom