Pet Grooming Harlem, NY
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Luxury Pet Grooming & Styling in a Relaxed Boutique Environment, located in Harlem, NY

The Lisa’s Pet Styles experience begins as soon as you open the door to our shop. We maintain a cozy, comfortable environment, so pets stay calm and happy. We’re intentionally small, allowing each pet to receive individualized attention and care.

Grooming is more than a business for us. It’s an art that we practice. We use specialized techniques to achieve unique looks for each breed, customized to your preference. Our joy is to hear our customers excited about the compliments their pets receive wherever they go.

We make the grooming experience an enjoyable one for the pet parent as well as for the dog or cat.

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Now offering dog grooming & transportation services for the Upper West side!



“Lisa is excellent at what she does. I get so many compliments on my dog, Penny. Lisa gives her a particular, unique cut, and people always comment on her style. Lisa is so good to the pets, very respectful of them. She takes care to treat them well, and you can’t find that just anywhere.”
— Karen